To create excellent theatre where different cultures meet, people explore and the world is changed.
— Terra Nova Mission

Based in East Belfast, Terra Nova Productions is Northern Ireland's only professional theatre company to place intercultural work at the core of what we do. 

We have six key aims:

Strategic Aim 1- Productions

To create high quality, innovative intercultural productions that bring together professional artists from around the world while showcasing the best of modern Northern Irish society.

Strategic Aim 2 - Community Engagement

To create cutting edge community arts programmes where modern Northern Irish citizens can share their lives, experiences and stories.

Strategic Aim 3 - Emerging Artists

To develop the next generation of intercultural artists living locally.

Strategic Aim 4 - Audience Development

To increase and deepen our engagementwith audiences, participants and volunteers.

Strategic Aim 5 - Governance

To develop the core infrastructure of the company through good governance, proper resourcing and excellent procedures and systems.

Strategic Aim 6 - Partnerships

To develop global connections that enable partnership, cultural exchange and exploration.