Terra Nova Productions is a registered charity and must raise funds from multiple sources to successfully undertake work.  Much of what we do is supported by angels, just like you.  We are in the process of making it possible to donate to the company's work on-line.  In the mean time, if you would like to support our work, please get in touch at

  • £20 buys ink cartridges to print scripts for a small production
  • £60 covers travel for 12 refugees and asylum seekers to one workshop
  • £150 pays a professional artist to give a free weekend masterclass
  • £200 gets a visiting artist to Northern Ireland to work with people here
  • £460 pays one actor's basic salary for a week
  • £800 pays for a lighting design on a medium sized play
  • £2640 pays for four weeks rehearsal and living expenses for one actor
  • £2880 pays Terra Nova's office rental for one year
  • £5800 pays a writer for a play under 70 minutes long
  • £8000+ pays the room hire for the free workshops on A Midsummer Night's Dream